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CSL TRANSPORTATION,  City Sedans & Limousines Transportation (CSL Transportation). We are a unique ground transportation provider who specializes in catering the needs of corporate personnel, government officials, financial institutions, law firms, actors, major broadcasting news organizations and local television stations.

We have been working successfully with these types of clients because of commitment to these rules. Timely service, experienced and courteous chauffeurs and exceptional maintenance of vehicles. These factors have been contributed to our growing reputation.

Our commitment is providing the highest degree of professionalism, reliability and discretion.

We would like to take the time to present our services, and give you the opportunity to experience what we have come to believe is the finest team of professionals in the metropolitan area.

                               Rick Goondall

City Sedans & Limousines Transp
347 Fifth Avenue # 1402-154
New York, NY 10016

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