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Thanks again Rick!!!! I have made sure to share my story and your contact information with my associates should they need a car service in their future NYC visits. Your flexibility and professionalism really made my day…more than my day…my month.


                                                               Shelly [4/19/2012]

                                                               Shelly Glasgow
                                               Director Product Development and Merchandising
                                                               Birkenstock USA, LP

I highly recommend Rick Goondall's company  for both special occasions and to quickly navigate Manhattan for business meetings.  Rick is courteous, prompt,  operates a clean and comfortable Towncar Service, and is  they are able to efficiently navigate through traffic to get you where you need to be on time.  Thanks Rick! "
                                                               Chris Sercy (4/22/2012)
                                                               Principal Assurance Services
                                                               Ernst & Young

Thank you for good service.Experienced drivers help making timely meetings. Keep up the good work Rick.                        
                                                               Mark Sanchez 4/21/2012
                                                               NY Jets

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